Labour Leader Supporting Nominations…

… need to be scrapped ASAP.


The Twabinet

Sorry about the wait. At least  I didn’t rush it out like Gove, so hopefully won’t need 5 lists to get it right. (If someone knows a way to parse twitter names into links, please enlighten me, you’ll get a job in the cabinet as Minister for the Internets.)

Secretary of State for Business, Innovation & Skills, & Lord President of the Council – @red_nick Lord of Diggle in the County of Greater Manchester, and of Lenton & Radford in the County of Nottinghamshire

My own policies shall follow, in the following post.

Prime Minister – @hannahnicklin


School leaving at 18. Tests at 12 and 18 – a primary and secondary general certificate.

Secular education. No funding private or faith schools.

Higher education, training or apprenticeships for all after 18, fewer people at university.

Free school meals, incl breakfast, for low income families

Voting at 16, two politics lessons a week.


Investment in science, technology and green industries. Empirical decisions in policy making.

Open data/government.

Renewed investment in the arts, but sharing funding large institutions  (RSC/National) with tourism.

Disinvestment in pollutive industries.


Pre-emptive healthcare – i.e. vouchers for fruit and veg and cooking lessons available for families on low income. Free swimming for kids/elderly.

More nurse-led hospital depts.


Massively increase water fountains, tax on disposable plastic bottles.

10% emissions reduction by 2010, 40% by 2020, 60% by 2030, and 80% 2040

Ban domestic flights, no airport expansion

Funding council driven energy independent ‘green towns’

Limiting supermarket expansion


No trident renewal

Supportive withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Equality/human rights:

More foreign aid with a focus on women’s rights.

Equal paternity/maternity leave

Revision of asylum system.

Gay marriage.

Recognise rights of intersex, trans, non-identifying gender in law.

Pay revision of trad ‘male’ and ‘female’ jobs – i.e. binmen vs crèche worker.

Fund more rape crisis centres and connect with police.


Written constitution.

Relax laws on protest

Revise working hours, provide free MP childcare, electronic voting.

MP dorms, means tested expenses.

Single transferable vote.

Respect my authoritah.

Deputy Prime Minster (Nick Clegg Memorial Prize for messing up at PMQs) – @Coliboo

Secretary of State for Foreign & Commonwealth – @HadleighRoberts

Exchequer – @novocastrianrob

Return to keynesian support in short-term, developing long-term solutions to develop the private sector & reduce gap btwn rich and poor.

Secretary of State for DEFRA & Lord Chancellor – @tscholesfogg

Secretary of State for Home Office – @nathage

Secretary of State for Justice – @cjmckeon

Secretary of State for Defence – @Nathan4791

Secretary of State for DWP – @skybluestacey

Secretary of State for Energy & Climate Change- @thedancingflea

I will ensure that the UK achieves its promised emissions reduction, and will guarantee security of supply. This will mean continued incentives and investment into renewables, clean coal and nuclear – in particular, our current provision of wind power will have to increase by at least 40 times. The other element is enhancing and nurturing environment for behavioural change – people have to want change, they can’t have it foisted upon them. I want to see more subsidies for public transport, funded by a carbon tax, with rebates where meaningful improvement is shown and best practice shared. We will work closely with all departments, but particularly DEFRA, to keep a closer eye on change in land use, and to ensure that supermarkets do not encourage food wastage in the way that they do now.

Secretary of State for Health – @tchee

Secretary of State for Education – @DanielCooper9

Abolish SATs at KS2 but keep them for KS3, break up the unwieldy Ofsted into several different quangos, remove independent schools charitable  status and repeal the Education and Skills Acts raising of the compulsory schooling age while promoting increased vocational training.

Our government will oppose all selection in education including partially selective state schools and state schools that can select according to an ‘aptitude’ and oppose Tory plans for ‘free schools’.

Although not enthusiastic about city academies we  will support inner city academy schools where they have been shown to raise standards.

I make my support for a graduate tax for the funding of higher education known and will resign from the cabinet if the University and Science Minister intends to price  the poorest out of higher education.

Secretary of State for Local Affairs & Communities – @conn1231 Lord of Manchester in the County of Greater Manchester

Secretary of State for Transport – @rosiecosy

Secretary of State for International Development – @Labour_JSC10

As Sec of State for DfID, I would divert government money more to multilateral aid, phase out bilateral aid in most countries apart from some in Africa. Focus on small-scale long term development schemes which are affordable to both donor and recipient and which use local skills and resources instead of large projects which don’t really help or work.

Secretary of State forNI – @gedrobinson

Secretary of State for Scotland – (no-one wanted this so we may just abolish Scotland (or it may be taken over by BIS (Scotland that is, not the department)))

Secretary of State for Wales -@ jakemottas

  • Further Devolution of Powers to bring Welsh Assembly in line with Scottish Parliament powers
  • Centralisation of policy currently in Local Councils e.g. Housing to the Assembly.  Commission to define specific powers to be centralised but focus on areas that can assist in bringing people out of poverty and Environmental policies
  • Funding for a focussed taskforce to tackle unemployment in Wales poorest areas that have remained poor even in the previous decade.  Target will be to halve unemployment in these areas and to increase the numbers of young people going onto Further Education
  • Ownership of the Severn Bridges to come back in the Public Sector at the end of Laings tenure.  Tolls to be reduced to £5 from £5.50 and all profit reinvested in Wales (e.g. will fund above)

Chief  Treasury Secretary – @cllrtim

Lords’ Leader – @tomwilliamsisme

Secretary of State for Housing – @superjules84

Firstly, I am very relieved that the post of Housing Secretary has been restored to Cabinet. Its previous removal was the first significant housing-related act of the new Coalition Government and was sadly representative of its approach. The new Housing Benefit limits in the “Emergency Budget” are simply unworkable. Whilst there will be a review of whether benefit can be more effectively means-tested or tapered for those on relatively higher incomes, no action will be taken if this would increase social poverty. Also, a review of Affordable Social Housing targets, with priority given to ensuring that the North of England is well-served and not “the poor relation”, thus also relieving pressure on the South-East. With the economy still fragile, the affordable housing crisis means that we cannot afford for this issue to be cut or otherwise sidelined.

Secretary of State for Equalities – @CollectorManiac (Also Minister for  eyyyyyy!)

As Secretary of State for Equalities I will fight for the equal rights of all people and aim to tackle the scapegoating of and discrimination against minority groups in our society.

Minister for Sport – @noelinho

Minister for Culture – @andyvglnt

Commons’ Leader – @Scarletstand

Commons’ Chief Whip – @SallyBercow

Minister for Universities & Science – @stopjump

Minister for Rebellion & Lords’ Chief Whip- @jamiepotter

As Secretary of State for Rebellion I will seek to instill the spirit of rebellion within the hearts and minds of every man, woman and child in the United Kingdom. Embracing the traditional British spirit for fairness and justice we shall collectively rediscover our passion for telling agitators to sod off. A new youth scheme known as Potter’s Partisans will be rolled out to inculcate adolescents with rousing choruses of NWA’s “Fuck tha Police” in squatted stately homes and free Refreshers bars expropriated from the kids off the posh estate. Bed time will be no later than 9pm. Hasta la victoria siempre!

Minister for Business & Enterprise – @asilbs2

Minister for Europe – @roryl

Minister for Immigration – @ByrneTofferings Lord of Segerston Heugh in the County of Durham (gets a free promotion after announcing to the Daily Mail that we’re having free immigration, and it was his decision)

Will inform the Daily Mail & Daily Express of the New Deal for Immigration: An Open Door Policy (entirely the Minister for Immigration’s own idea), on command of Secretary of State for Business, Innovation & Skills.

If there’s a free post you want to fill (or make up), feel free to contact me on twitter.

If you got a post, but failed to send me your policies, send me them soon. Otherwise you’ll be switched with @ByrneTofferings at the first reshuffle (whips/leaders etc. are exempt)…


Restarting my blog (seeing as I have nothing to do). Currently preparing my Twitter Cabinet, details to be announced tomorrow.

EDIT: We shall be redefining tomorrow to mean sometime next month

Tweet Of The Month Week Day!

In response to @torybear‘s tweet:

“Telegraph has given Ellie Gellard the amazing title of ‘revoltingly precocious political hack of the week'”

@msgracefh wins Look Left’s first Tweet of the Month award with this:

“So that’s why @torybear doesn’t like @BevaniteEllie, he thinks she’s after his title!”

Debate No. 1

Disclaimer: I only listened on the radio, so cannot give any comment on body language etc.

So Gordon, Clegg and Shiny Dave™ had a little debate today. It was rather dull, as expected. Most polling puts Clegg as coming out ahead with GB second and Shiny Dave™ third, as expected (although Sky’s polling seems to have been rather anomalous). Clegg made promises he doesn’t have to worry about keeping, as expected.  I should have gone to  Ladbrokes…

More Congratulations for @BevaniteEllie

@BevaniteEllie managed to make The Daily Fail, and the front pages of The Torygraph and Rupert Murdoch’s Times today, after giving an introduction to Labour’s manifesto launch yesterday:

It’s a great shame that she didn’t make the front page of the Fail, and that the Diana Express & Rupert Murdoch’s Sun seemed to miss her all together, as these would really have added to this badge of honour. (Maybe we should commission a medal for this achievement. At the very least she deserves this T-shirt.) I hope that one day the right-wing rags leap to criticise me, like they have done for Ellie today.

In non-Ellie news: the Tories launched their manifesto today (<false_enthusiasm>OMG MP3 VERSION</false_enthusiasm>). Looks like they made it look boring to stop people from reading it, as then we might find their policies. Or not.

Now stop reading my blog and go Read Hopi Sen‘s instead. It’s much better.

[To the Labour Party: If you need someone to check for things like video backgrounds clashing with TV cameras,  I’m your man…]

I take full responsibility…

… for the creation of the #iHopeMargaretThatcher hashtag. I may run a compilation of the best tomorrow.

EDIT: @JHepplestone bears full responsibility for the concept itself (so the Daily Fail can attack him instead). I did the hard part of making the hashtag…